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By | Last updated: February 22, 2017

This site is dedicated to Henry the red vacuum cleaner and his colourful friends.  Although of course we mustn’t forget that Henry is also available in blue, green and yellow…

Numatic Henry vacuum cleaners are renowned for their excellent build quality and their amazing suction.

I’ve had a henry vacuum for over 10 years now years and it’s still working as well as the day I got it.  It’s even survived falls down the stairs without a scratch thanks to the tough plastic build and metal hose sections.

Most other vacuums I’ve had have broken very quickly and none has equalled the sucking power of my red Henry vacuum.

What I love about my Henry is the rugged build quality and the simplicity of use. There are no fiddly parts to snap off and no springs to jump out. Henry is made of a few large, tough parts which fit together perfectly. There are no unnecessary gimmicks. You wind Henry’s cable in by hand with a handle on top. I’ve found that the automatic cable winders on other vacuums break. Every time.

Henry vacuum cleaners come with a variety of accessories, as well made as Henry himself. Henry looks good and quite simply, does the job he’s supposed to do, quietly, efficiently and reliably. He’s the only vacuum cleaner I would use and heartily recommend.

3 thoughts on “Welcome To The Henry Vacuum Cleaner Guide

  1. Marc Hebert

    My wife runs a small business as a hairstylist out of our home. Can we vacuum hair off the bathroom floor with our portable henry (the little red one)? I’ve contacted several other places, and NOBODY has responded. Thank you in advance for replying.


    Marc Hebert

  2. admin Post author

    If you mean the “normal” red Henry (calling it portable has made me wonder, as all vacuum cleaners are portable, surely) then yes, why not.

    I use it for vacuuming hair and anything / everything else.

    Of course, I have to issue a disclaimer and say that I can’t be responsible for any damage to your vacuum cleaner etc. etc. but I’ve been doing it for years. Not vast quantities because I’m not a hairdresser, but Henry is essentially just a tube going into a bag. What can go wrong?

  3. Marc Hebert

    Yes, the “normal” red Henry. Thank you for responding. I would sweep most of the hair first, then I would like to vacuum the residual hair, so it sounds like I am safe to do so. Thank you again for your time in this matter. Cheers. MH

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