Henry Xtra HVX200-22

By | Last updated: January 28, 2017

Unless you notice the “Xtra” on Henry’s hat, or the distinctive red Airo power brush, there are no external visual clues to give away the fact this is the Henry Xtra and not the “basic” Henry.

And let’s quickly point out that the “basic” Henry is an amazing vacuum cleaner and more advanced in terms  of performance than any other brand that I’ve used…

But back to the Henry Xtra.  The Xtra HVX200-22 is everything that the Henry HVR200A is, but with some notable additions.

The Henry Xtra has a 3 stage Microfresh filter system which Numatic claims “enhances filtration standards to 98%”.  This consists of 2 Tritex filters sandwiching between them an activated charcoal filter membrane.  This makes a big difference when it comes to controlling odours and should be of interest to pet owners.

It does seem that Numatic are targeting this Henry variant at pet owners because the other big difference is the Airo power brush which should be particularly useful for getting animal hair off the carpet.

I’ve found that the Henry HVR200A is all I’ve ever needed from a vacuum cleaner in terms of it being long-lasting and doing the job it’s supposed to do well;  extremely well.  If you don’t have special needs like pets then this should do you fine.  If you do have pets then the Henry Xtra is worth checking out.