Henry Vacuum

By | Last updated: November 2, 2009

Henry vacuum is, for many, synonymous with a particular style of vacuum cleaner manufactured by Numatic.  In fact, Henry is just one of several vacuum cleaners in the range.

The Henry vacuum cleaner is probably the most recognisable, best known in his red and black colours  with his appealing smiling face.  As well as red, Henry is also available in blue, green and yellow.  There are actually 4 Henry models.  The standard Henry HVR200A, the Henry Xtra HVX-200-22, the Henry Micro HVR200M-22 and the Henry Turbo HVR200T-2.

The other “Henry style”‘ Numatic vacuum cleaners are:

  • Hetty HET200A
  • James JVP180
  • Charles CVC370-2
  • George GVE370-2

There are also two spray mops in Henry and Hetta colours.

Numatic makes many other cleaning machines but this site is dedicated to the “Henry family”.