Difference Between Henry and Hetty Vacuum

By | Last updated: February 25, 2017
Hetty vacuum picture

A frequent question is, “what is the difference between the Henry vacuum and the Hetty vacuum?”

Just to clarify, by Henry we’re talking about the HVR200A vacuum, most commonly seen as the red Henry, but also available in blue, green and yellow, and by Hetty we mean the pink HET200A, both made by Numatic.Quite simply, apart from the colour, there is NO DIFFERENCE.  Both vacuum cleaners have exactly the same specification.

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Both have powerful 620 watt motors with high and low settings, giving them truly excellent suction.  In fact, it’s not just the power, it’s something to do with the design of Henry and Hetty.  Their sucking power is better than more powerful machines.  Henry is the best vacuum I’ve had.  Lasted for years and still as good as new.  Hetty is the same machine in a different colour.

Hetty has all the features and build quality of Henry because she is, essentially, Henry dressed up as a woman!

Heny vacuum cleaners are excellent, period.  It follows that Hetty vacuum cleaners are excellent too.