Charles CV370-2 Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

By | Last updated: February 28, 2017

You don’t have to be the most eagle-eyed observer to spot the obvious superficial difference between Henry and Charles.

Henry is red and black whereas Charles is blue and back.

The differences don’t end there.  Charles (model number CV370-2) is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, featuring a 9 litre wet capacity and 15 litre dry.  That’s a significant increase on the dry capacity of the red Henry which only manages 9 litres.

Another point to note, and this is often not obvious in advertising material, is that Charles doesn’t feature the usual on-board cable rewind facility.

Charles comes with the expected range of quality accessories.  Stainless steel tubes, a floor nozzle for wet use and a combination floor nozzle for dry use, and a further 3 nozzles of the kind that let you get into awkward places.

picture of the numatic charles vacuum cleaner

As we’ve come to expect from Numatic vacuums, Charles performs flawlessly at both wet and dry tasks.  Emptying Charles is simplicity itself. Take the top off and remove the bag (in dry use) or simply pour out the water (in wet use).  The water filter is very easy to clean under the tap.  As is usual with all the Henry range, there are no fiddly parts to snap off and everything is solidy constructed to provide the years of use we expect from these vacuums.

Is Charles worth the extra few pounds over a Henry?

If there’s ever a chance that you’ll need the wet features then yes, definitely.  This is the machine to get.  But here’s another reason to get Charles over a Henry, at least for the next few years.  EU regulations have limited the power of vacuum cleaners meaning that current production Henrys are only around 600 watts (they used to be about twice this).  Because Charles is classed as a wet vacuum he gets round this and has 1100 watts of power at his disposal.  This may change in a few years time of course, but for now, Charles is our recommendation.