Charles CV370-2 Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

You don’t have to be the most eagle-eyed observer to spot the obvious superficial difference between Henry and Charles. Henry is red and black whereas Charles is blue and back. The differences don’t end there.  Charles (model number CV370-2) is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, featuring a 9 litre wet capacity and 15 litre… Read More »

Henry Xtra HVX200-22

Unless you notice the “Xtra” on Henry’s hat, or the distinctive red Airo power brush, there are no external visual clues to give away the fact this is the Henry Xtra and not the “basic” Henry.

Difference Between Henry and Hetty Vacuum

Hetty vacuum picture A frequent question is, “what is the difference between the Henry vacuum and the Hetty vacuum?” Just to clarify, by Henry we’re talking about the HVR200A vacuum, most commonly seen as the red Henry, but also available in blue, green and yellow, and by Hetty we mean the pink HET200A, both made… Read More »

Henry Vacuum

Henry vacuum is, for many, synonymous with a particular style of vacuum cleaner manufactured by Numatic.  In fact, Henry is just one of several vacuum cleaners in the range.